Corporate Advisory

When you need more than the past ways, that the usual players have to offer

Engenesis Corporate Advisory is a high impact advisory firm.

Our Primary market is Banking, Wealth and Insurance.

We are here for when you face large challenges. When you need more than the past ways. We offer more than the usual players.

  • complete and perspective
  • mindful design
  • reliable execution
  • effective risk management
  • than your competitor

More openings to seize new opportunity!

Financial Services Firm
  • Comply with the law (in letter and spirit)
  • Communicate effectively
  • Operate within social licence
  • Demonstrate sustainable behaviours
  • Challenging environment that rewards contribution
  • Suitable career opportunities
  • Culture whose values are real
  • Articulate a credible strategy
  • Execute it really well
  • Demonstrate real growth and returns
  • Understand my needs
  • Make competitive products
  • Price fairly
  • Provide great service
  • Build a brand I can trust
  • Competitive products
  • Great service
  • Trusted brand
  • Support to grow my business

Engenesis Corporate Advisory offers business and technology services firms across corporate events, planning and execution.

We reliably deliver effective solutions for your scale, risk and growth problems.

Corporate Events
  • Turnarounds
  • Business Integrations
  • Operating Model Design
  • Strategy Development
  • IT Strategy
  • Business Case Development
  • Risk Management and BCP Planning
  • Operating Model Delivery
  • Program Management
  • IT Development and Delivery
  • IT Systems Integration

Engenesis Corporate Advisory is purposeful and bridges divides to benefit corporations and the workplace.

We love to design and build

We have a track record of producing market shaping and leading innovations in firms and entire financial markets.

We know and understand deeply, operations and technology in our target markets.

We combine 21st Century innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to impact our customers.

Our team offers and delivers real elegant solutions
For an industry whose relevance and value is being questioned
When large global technology firms move into your patch
For struggles in changing markets
For existential regulatory, compliance and operational risks
For chaos in operations and/or technology

Individuals in our core team, have extraordinary accomplishment.

Trust and independence

Appointed by ASIC as independent financial markets experts. Authored the technical market readiness review of CHI-X and APX.

IT strategist on a leading a New York Private Equity firms target due diligence team, doing deals around USD $1 billon.

Major assignment delivery

Perpetual, AMP, State Street (Asia Pacific), Royal Bank of Canada, Asgard, Westpac, CBA, Australian Unity, AAS, HCF, Unwired, Skandia, Next Financial, and others.

Venture creation and entrepreneurship

Engenesis works with people to build leading technology ventures & take them to market faster, leaner and with less risk.

Building operations

Building the operational capabilities of BT retail funds during the high growth period.

Business executive roles
  • COO, Westpac Private Bank
  • VP, Business Solutions Group BT Investment Bank
  • IT Strategist, Perpetual
Technology executive roles
  • GlobalX
  • Lexis Nexis
In the Bay Area San Francisco
  • Senior Director, Paypal
  • Chief of staff WomensStartupLab
  • VP Phoenix Technologies
Building financial markets

The world’s first fully electronic national equities markets, in Australia (ASX), and Switzerland (SWX) that were in the world’s top 10 market capitalisation.

SWX as chief architect/designer/engineer of the trading engine and distributed data infrastructure. ASX as a lead performance engineer.

Extraordinary women

Leadership in the team is balance by women in the project and program management roles, team building, and team training.

Thinking in the team is balanced in delivery authoring and strategic/market analysis roles and expertise in customer service.

Delivery Examples

Examples of financial services and technology consulting assignments successfully delivered by individuals in our team

  • Avaloq – Market study to bring the Swiss banking and wealth vendor to Australia
  • State Street Asia Pacific – A regional mutual funding transfer agency operating model and IT strategy
  • CHI-X – Authored regulatory review report for technical market readiness for ASIC for exchange to open
  • Perpetual Wealth Management – A business centric IT Strategy, in joint venture with Gartner
  • RBC – Business case development and approval for major record keeping system, ran tender, ran delivery program
  • RBC – IT strategy, operating model for investor services
  • AMP – IT architectural planning
  • CBA - CommInsure – Workflow system implementation and unit pricing
  • Westpac – Equities and broking, technology roadmap
  • Asgard – Three strategy assignments including core system business case development, long rang architectural plan for board
  • Kaz Business Services – Wealth management and strategy review including AAS
  • Siris Capital (NY Private Equity), M&A target final due diligence, IT strategy and engineering organisation review, on two firms
  • HCF – Board review of IT core systems for five year plan

Why we are able to keep the promises we make to our customers

We learned “how to” in key roles during 10x growth periods of market leaders

We built new financial markets globally, and the first large scale retail funds management operations in Australia

We have a “never miss” record of execution and delivery in our assignments and projects

Our discovery and organisational engagement processes are productised and produce quantitative views

We have faced similar challenges as leaders and managers to in firms our target markets

Market recognition of our excellence, domain knowledge and independence by ASIC

Our team’s diversity, balance and harmony, extends into the customer organisation

core team has been chosen for its balance , harmony and breadth of capability, to enable exceptional delivery.

Our team is designed to deliver for you under challenging conditions:

  • We have former senior executives, venture builders, analysts, systems thinkers and entrepreneurs in our team
  • We are extremely accomplished and skilled in strategy, operations, risk and technology – design and delivery
  • We have wise souls and young guns
  • We know our team and our colleagues, groups of us have worked together for years
  • Our team contains several leading business performance and personal communication coaches, who impact team harmony and foster effective collaboration

Realised risk in the Banking System, led to a re-think of business operating models. This is because risks are deeply embedded in underlying data, processes and technology.

Traditional in-house IT and vendor approaches that produced the current state are part of that risk, and there difficult and even intractable issues, of great longevity, in current operations.

In remediating risk, large financial services corporations have untapped opportunities for new technology product and process ideas that have large scale impacts.

Engenesis Corporate ventures exists to partner large corporations in capitalising on these new opportunities.

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